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Our PMC Workflow


Design & cost management

We have a team of inhouse architects, engineers & planners who can work qualitatively to generate efficient concepts for design which considers both the built and environmental factors with drawing details and suitable formats for visualisation. We believe in sustainable design approach to maintain a unique language in every design we idealise. Our scope of planning and design services includes:

  • Manage and ensure design development as per the project brief given by client
  • Design the coordination at all stages of design development schematies,design development ,construction documentation
  • Cost management and control throughout the project life cycle
  • Design,develop and deliver as per the client requirement

Procurement & infrastructure management.

  • Assistance in special consulting about technical details as required.
  • Assistance in selection of appropriate building type,as per the structural requirements.
  • Determining the budget estimates and projects costs, assist in tenders explanation and cost explantions.

Time/ Cost /
Scope Control

  • Planning, scheduling & monitoring time frame for the project.
  • Audit quantity bills & manage cost.
  • Conduct site coordination meetings to achieve quality/cost and adherence to time schedule .implement a quality control plan in construction with clients supervise and monitor the construction and installation activities.Submission of periodical reports to client in pre-agreed format.
  • Periodical project performance review and inspections.

Project Monitoring & Management

  • Coordination of various entities and superintendence of the field units including independent quality control
  • Submit schedule and discuss their appropriateness to the overall project schedule and integerate.
  • Establish communication system for systematic project control to achieve time,cost and quality

Post Contract

  • Monitor ensure that the contract is followed with approved testing and commissioning procedures.
  • Compile "as built " drawings and "operation and maintenance manuals" at project close out.
  • Ensure that all guarantees/warrantees as per the contract have been furnished.
  • Get certified for the completion of work.